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FRESHEADS is an instant -matchmaking and -messaging plattform
that connects hiring managers and work-seekers in real-time
for the purpose of filling job openings.

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Fresheads lets corporate recruiters and the hiring managers of small-to-medium-sized businesses hire faster than ever before. It’s mobile, which is where your ideal candidates want to be 24/7. It’s smart, which puts the right people and businesses to the head of the pack. And it’s built to save your days and dollars off the traditional hiring process.

You don’t pay unless you find a hire. So trying us out today means no risk on your end.





Say goodbye to trawling thousands of job seeker profiles to try and find a suitable candidate. Fresheads does the searching for you, matching personal, professional and social profile attributes of millions of profiles to job advertisements.

What else?

Fast Engagement

Our algorithms match the job seeker with the best fits. Employers are then presented with candidates. If it’s a match, the interview can start right away. Fresheads’ intention is to create an open, friendly and engaging recruiting process that includes a unique real-time chat environment allowing both company and candidate to exchange data that might be relevant for the engagement process. If both parties are happy to proceed, we predict many hires will be completed within one or two days.

Real-Time Chat

Any attachment

Voice & Video Call

Candidate Experience

It’s crucial to create an engaging process between company and candidate, and it’s easy with Fresheads. With us, applicants will get real-time updates on the extent to which a employer is considering them.  And with our feedback and ratings systems, candidates holds the employers accountable for how they treat them.

Brand Recognition

The qualified candidate you want are looking for you on the small screen. Simply posting a job on Fresheads says something about your company – it underlines a company’s respect for today’s modern talent who want to apply for jobs any time, any place. Let candidates know your business is a great place to work with pictures, videos, press clippings, ratings, and any other documents you wish to upload to represent the company.

Stay Connected

Job seekers can opt to stay in the loop with the company, and vice-versa. The hire might not happen right away, but when people stay in touch, more roads open up. With Fresheads, you’ll build an inner circle of people most deeply interested in your company.  Inform your candidate pool of special events, company news and stay in touch– they may be relevant in the future.

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